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Ypsilanti Veterinary Staff

Ypsilanti veterinary staff, Connie Connie - Veterinary Assistant

Originally from Coshocton, Ohio, Connie has been a veterinary assistant at Ypsilanti Animal Clinic since March 2004. She was awarded an MBA from Ashland University in 1992 before deciding to make a career change. The compassion and high-quality care the staff provides for both clients and their pets is only one of the reasons Connie enjoys working at Ypsilanti Animal Clinic. An avid fan of horses, Connie also enjoys tennis and skiing. Her animal family is large and includes her two dogs, Bella and Richie, three cats (Rebound, Sager and Lefty), two goats named Moose and Ranger, and two Tennessee Walking Horses named Friday and Greyhawk.

Ypsilanti veterinary staff, Amy

Veterinary Assistant

Ypsilanti veterinary staff, Claire