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Pittsfield Charter Township, Michigan Veterinary Care

The Importance of Veterinary Care in Pittsfield Charter Township

A short 15-minute drive from Ypsilanti, Pittsfield Charter Township is home to many of Ypsilanti Animal Clinic’s loyal clients and their pets. Pittsfield Charter Township pet owners recognize the level of commitment the veterinarians at Ypsilanti Animal Clinic invest in their pets. They know that part of this investment is in state-of-the-art veterinary technology, allowing the clinic to remain on the cutting edge of veterinary care.

Thorough and Compassionate Pet Care

Part of Washtenaw County, Pittsfield Charter Township is located south of Ann Arbor and is home to more than 34,600 residents – and their pets. Ypsilanti Animal Clinic has been serving the community with the finest possible pet medical care in a warm and compassionate manner since 1981.

Pittsfield Charter Township pet owners have come to understand the importance of taking a preventative approach to pet health care. They also expect health and immunization plans tailored to their pet’s unique breed, age, and lifestyle as part of the veterinary care for pets in Pittsfield Charter Township, MI.

Pittsfield Charter Township: An Overview

The University of Michigan’s eCities initiative recently recognized Pittsfield Charter Township as a top community for supporting economic development. The 27.3-square mile township was one of six statewide to be awarded for implementing strategies that foster entrepreneurial growth and economic development. Pittsfield Charter Township is now a “5-star Best Practices” community.

The township is also known for its efforts to promote more environmental friendliness, advocating for water conservation via rain barrels for residents; repurposing autumn leaves for fertilizer; and more. In Sept. 2015, it was awarded a $1.475 million grant from the state’s Department of Environmental Quality to institute a “rigorous maintenance schedule” for its sanitary sewer system. Their farmer’s market also received a $25,000 grant from the USDA in 2015 in support of local food systems and healthier eating. Pittsfield Charter Township, MI was established in 1972, although the name was adopted in 1839. It consists of several different communities, including Bryant Pattengill West, Carpenter, and Mitchell.

Nearby Quality Pet Services in Ypsilanti

Our Ypsilanti veterinarians have a special interest in Pittsfield Charter Township, MI pet care and can help you mitigate health risks for your pet by ensuring that preventative health care is a part of your pet’s regular veterinary care. Advances in technology have given our veterinarians the ability to prevent many serious life threatening diseases. Let them work to provide your pet with the happy, healthy life he or she deserves. Our goal is to provide the very best in veterinary services to Pittsfield Charter Township clients and to those from the surrounding area.

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