It is a good idea to monitor your pet's oral hygiene. If your pet has toys that help remove plaque from their teeth, this can help but it is important to check your pet’s mouth often for any changes or discolorations. If you see any yellowing, black spots, or notice your pet not chewing or eating, it may be caused by an oral issue. Cleaning their teeth is the first step. When they are young, if you can, teach them that brushing is a good thing by rewarding them for letting you brush their teeth. It is easy enough to do. If you find that you cannot get rid of their bad breath by brushing or treats, then consult our office

Animals do not need their teeth brushed every day. Give them something to eat or chew on that will do the work for you and them. But, occasionally, such as when you give them a bath, clean them during that process. This will greatly reduce the risk of infections and oral problems your pet may have if their mouth stays dirty. Call our veterinarian in Ypsilanti at (734) 485-1622.