Bringing home a new kitten is a very exciting time in any family's life. Preparing for a new kitten is not as easy as just going to the local pet store or rescue, picking one out and bringing it home. Preparing your home for the new kitten is vital to having a positive adjustment period for any pet. Our Ypsilanti vet has created a checklist to make sure you have everything you need!

List of items for new cat owners:
Cat litter, litter box and scooper, kitten food (make sure to ask what kind of food the kittens have been eating. Starting with the same food and slowly integrating the food you want to use is easier on a kitty's tummy.), bed, food and water dishes, collar with ID tags, flea medication (kittens can start flea treatments at 8 weeks old and must weigh 2 lbs or more), Toys, scratching post and treats!

The most important thing to make sure you have plenty of in your home, is love and support for the new kitten as she makes a transition into a new home. And make sure you take your kitten to our office for an exam and any vaccinations they may need!