When you are looking to add a new dog to your home, one of the questions you may want to know is "What are the most popular breeds?" This question is very relevant because the most popular breeds are popular for specific reasons that may align with what your family is looking for in a pet. Knowing which dogs are the most popular is a good place to start your research when determining the best dog breed for your household.

Ranked at number one by the American Kennel Club is the Labrador Retriever. It is the most popular dog breed in the country. These dogs have maintained the top spot for over a quarter of a century due to their gentle dispositions, superior hunting talents, and high intelligence levels. These dogs can get quite big, so expect a lot of shedding and a sizable budget on dog food.

The second spot is held by the German Shepherd. These canines are frequently seen in military and law enforcement and are considered working dogs because they are smart and can be easily trained. The breed is known for their fierce family loyalty, energy levels, and intelligence. These dogs have a beautiful coat, but are prone to a lot of shedding.

Golden Retrievers are the third most popular dog breed. This breed is a cross between a yellow retriever and the Tweed Water Spaniel which is now extinct. Irish Setters and bloodhounds were also introduced to the breed which is now known as the Golden Retriever today. These dogs have a beautiful coat, are great at hunting, and have a gentle temperament with children. These dogs are great family dogs, but do need regular exercise and more extensive grooming.

The fourth ranked most popular dog breed in America is the Bulldog. These dogs are unmistakable with their iconic wrinkled faces and stocky build. These dogs were bred for bull baiting but quickly developed into family dogs when the sport was banned in 1835. These dogs are relaxed and are happiest lazing around the house and getting minimal exercise. These dogs can be great for apartment living, but due to their snout, may encounter respiratory issues.

A great choice for medium sized dog lovers is the fifth most popular breed, the Beagle. These dogs are feisty, playful and have a distinct howl that makes them ideal for hunting. They come in many colors and are incredibly energetic, so be sure to give this dog plenty of playtime so they don’t resort to bad habits like chewing on objects in your home!

It is incredibly important to make sure you do your research on the type of dog you would like in your home. Also be sure to visit your local shelter to see the breeds and dogs that they have. You can even request to be put on lists if you are in search of a certain breed, and can be contacted if that kind of dog winds up in the shelter. Be sure to visit our Ypsilanti office if you have any questions regarding dog breeds and adoption.